iAM Financial Policy

Office visit fees and co-pays are due at the time of your appointment. If your insurance requires a referral form, it is your responsibility to obtain that form from your primary-care physician.

Office Visits

  • Patient responsibility – Be familiar with your insurance coverage. Call your insurance company with questions about pre-existing conditions, waiting periods, co-pays and deductibles. Unmet deductible and out of pocket amounts will be collected at the time of service. Please be advised that we only accept credit cards for all patient balances. No cash or checks are accepted. Thank you.
  • HMO policyholders – Please bring a referral form from your primary physician. This form covers any visits, x-rays, tests or procedures, including surgery. You are also responsible for bringing all insurance information for your visit. The doctors cannot see you without the proper referrals.
  • Workers’ compensation or auto-related injury patients – If your visit is related to an automobile accident, workers’ compensation or slip-and-fall injury, you must provide written authorization before services are rendered. Please bring all necessary information with you or have your insurance adjuster/representative forward your claim or case file number, complete claims address and telephone number, type and date of injury, and adjuster’s name and telephone number.
  • PPO participants – Co-pays are due at the time of service. IAM will bill your insurance company for the remaining balance. You are responsible for charges related to services rendered that your policy does not cover.
  • Non-PPO insurance holders – You are responsible for any out-of-network co-pays at the time of service. IAM will submit claims on your behalf. Co-pays and deductibles are usually higher for out-of-network providers. Since we do not participate with your insurance, we cannot provide information about how much your insurer will pay for the visit.
  • For those seeking a second opinion – Some insurance companies will not cover second-opinion visits. You are responsible for finding out about coverage. You must also sign an Advanced Beneficiary Form acknowledging it is a second opinion visit. IAM will bill the insurance company, and you will be responsible for any fees insurance does not cover. Make sure you let us know you are seeking a second opinion. If you don’t let us know, you will be responsible for any resulting billing errors.
  • For those without insurance – You are responsible for all charges incurred.


IAM’s surgical coordinator will help you understand what expenses to anticipate and when payment is due. Our surgical coordinator will also facilitate getting the proper authorizations for your procedure.